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Terms and Conditions

Brand Tours Animação Turística is a registered brand by Brand Tours Animação Turística Unipessoal, Lda., VAT no. 514585668, National Registry of Agents of Tourist Entertainment (Registo Nacional dos Agentes de Animação Turística) - RNAAT No. 1889/2017.
This document regulates the General Terms and Conditions established between Brand Tours Animação Turística Unipessoal, Lda. and the customer, user or visitor. In this regard, we encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions.
Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be considered invalid unless expressly authorized in writing by Brand Tours Animação Turística.
Brand Tours Animação Turística commercializes tours, experiences and services (hereinafter referred to as "activities"), also acting as intermediary agent of other suppliers of activities, however, accepts no responsibility for the acts or omissions of the supplier for the services provided by them.
When booking with Brand Tours Animação Turística, the holder of the purchase of the booking is automatically responsible for accepting the Terms and Conditions, on his behalf and on behalf of the participants indicated on that same booking.
By accessing and using the website you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, which are in force and with immediate effect.
If you do not agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions, do not access and/or use the website
Brand Tours Animação Turística may change the Terms and Conditions at any time in the website
We advise you to consult these Terms and Conditions, before booking, to ensure that you are in accordance with any changes produced by Brand Tours Animação Turística at the time of the booking.
All activities may change at any time without any prior notice in particular until payment in full of the booking.
Unless otherwise stated in writing by Brand Tours Animação Turística, you are not authorized to copy, edit, reproduce, republish, publish, transmit, download, make available to the public or otherwise use any type of content on the website except for personal and non-commercial use.
Any image of the client captured during the activities of the Brand Tours Animação Turística can be used by the company, at no cost and without the right to pay the customer, in the illustration of promotional and advertising material of Brand Tours Animação Turística, such as catalogues, posters, videos, internet and others.
By accessing and using the website, you agree not to make any speculative, false or fraudulent solicitation. By accessing and using the website, your access and use is at your own risk.
All activities, as well as prices and other information, will be valid only at the time of booking confirmation.
The description of the presented proposals and sold by Brand Tours Animação Turística may change depending on the time of year, the weather conditions as well as the service providers related to our commercialized proposals.
The itinerary included in the activity selected may be subject to change in the course of the activity itself due to necessity or for reasons beyond the responsibility of Brand Tours Animação Turística.
Whenever there are changes that may be notified in advance to our customers, they will be communicated at the time of confirmation of the booking or as soon as possible.
Our activities are regular, private and tailor-made, as requested by the client and that can be performed by both parties.
The prices shown on the website for each activity are per person, unless specified otherwise.
All prices shown on the website, already include the current VAT rate, as well as compulsory insurance according to the Portuguese law.
Until the reservation is confirmed by Brand Tours Tourist Animation, prices can be changed.
It is not included in the pricing gratuities to drivers, local guides or staff related to the reserved activity or any purchase of a personal nature (drinks, meals, souvenirs, etc.), entrance in museums or monuments, unless indicated by Brand Tours Animação Turística on the website or by other means of communication (email or telephone).
Tailor-made activities require a prior quotation.
After choosing the activity on the website, you must select the desired date and the number of participants.
The system will automatically calculate the total amount of your booking. The booking amount is calculated based on the number of participants, up to a maximum of 7 per car.
After selecting the number of participants will be directed to a form where you must fill in the requested information (name, contact number, e-mail, collection point and special requests or relevant information).
Before completing the booking you must accept these Terms and Conditions.
If you wish an invoice with your VAT number (tax identification number) you must mention it at the time of booking. Clicking "Continue" will take you to a secure payment window where you must choose the method of payment. The available methods of payment are: PayPal (Visa, Mastercard), ATM reference or bank transfer.
The option of payment by ATM reference or bank transfer is exclusively for pre-bookings.
After receipt of the payment confirmation, you will receive an email from with the confirmation of your booking.
The pre-booking is only confirmed after receipt of payment.
Pre-bookings are subject to seat availability upon receipt of payment.
Pre-bookings are made after sending an email to or filling out the form on the Contacts page.
For last minute bookings (up to 24 hours before the start of the activity), the customer can call directly the sales number (+351) 939 303 129.
At the beginning of the activity, the customer is responsible for presenting the ticket or e-mail confirming the reservation (cell phone or paper).
All reimbursements may be subject to deduction of fees/expenses charged in monetary transactions by service providers.
The values derived from the fees/expenses charged for the monetary transactions result from the commitments with the suppliers related to the commercialized activities as well as from the Brand Tours Animação Turística logistics.
For bookings canceled up to 48 hours prior to the start of the activity, receive a 100% refund of the payment already made, after deducting all fees / expenses charged for the monetary transactions.
For canceled bookings less than 48 hours prior to the start of the activity, no refunds expected of the payment already made.
Absence on the day of the tour or experience will not entitle you to any refund.
Brand Tours reserves the right to cancel or change its activities at any time for reasons unrelated to Brand Tours or whenever it is justified, such as extreme weather conditions, if safety conditions are not met, connected service providers to our activities change their conditions (dates of excursions, prices, inclusions, age requirements, etc.).
In this regard, we will inform the holder of the reservation as soon as possible in order to schedule a new date for the realization of a new tour or experience. In case the customer does not have availability to re-schedule, the refund will be 100%, after deducting all the fees/expenses charged by the monetary transactions.
If you have chosen to purchase a Gift Voucher * or a booking with an external operator and if Brand Tours cannot provide this tour or experience, the refund is 100%, after deducting all fees/expenses charged for the transactions.
In the event of mechanical failure or breakdown of a vehicle's equipment which makes it impossible to start the activity, the reimbursement is 100%, after deducting all the fees/expenses charged for the monetary transactions.
The refund due to the cancellation of the booking by the customer will be made through a bank transfer and the client will be responsible to pay the expenses inherent to the same transfer.
If the cancellation is by initiative of Brand Tours, the refund will be made by bank transfer, and all the bank transfer expenses are assumed responsibility of Brand Tours.
* 100% refund of the Gift Voucher implies its devolution and of all its contents, in good condition.
Complaints will only be considered if presented in writing by the claimant to Brand Tours Animação Turística Unipessoal, Lda. within a maximum of 7 days after the end of the contracted reservation.
You can make your complaint on the website at
Any legal claims will be resolved in the Court of the District of Porto, with the express exclusion of any other.
The duration of the activities is estimated, depending on external factors, as well as the service providers linked to the commercialized program.
Brand Tours Animação Turística is not responsible for the changes in the service of the suppliers linked to the commercialized program.
At the beginning of the activity reserved with Brand Tours Animação Turística, a tolerance of up to 30 minutes will be given for all participants to gather at the meeting point defined as mentioned in the reservation.
During the remaining activities, the intermediate schedules are defined by the guide in order to comply with the program.
We don’t race against the clock, we want your visit to be as pleasant as possible because we’d like that you want to come back!
Brand Tours Animação Turística values and respects people, history and nature.
We therefore ask you to follow the instructions given in the course of an activity, avoid leaving the group without prior notice, respect the local people and their traditions.
It is also important that you always follow the pathways marked for this purpose, respect the protected area, do not pick up plants or collect geological samples, always place the garbage in an appropriate place and stay at the recommended distance from the animals.
During transport, always keep your seat belt properly placed, do not open the door of the vehicle in motion, do not smoke inside the vehicle as well as in places easily inflammable, such as forest areas and all other places prohibited by the Portuguese Law .
In the course of the activities, we make occasional breaks without affecting the course of the activity.
Brand Tours Animação Turística reserves the right to refuse transportation or participation in the activities of customers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and who may endanger the driver, guide and other members of the group who participate in the same activity.
It is the client's responsibility to guarantee the physical and mental health of all participants mentioned in their reservation.
For better security of yourself and others, respect and follow the instructions of the Brand Tours Animação Turística staff as well as of the local authorities.
For any further information, please contact us by email or by phone (+ 351) 939 303 129
In the course of any activity, always remember your responsibility to the environment, so we appreciate common sense and mutual respect.