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Authentic Gerês Tour

From €69/Pax
  • Gerês Panorâmic
  • Nature
  • Rails
  • Full Day
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Group


Authentic Gerês Private Tour

Let yourself be carried away by the natural biodiversity of the Peneda Gerês Park, where nature meets the human being in a harmonious way.

In the heart of Alto Minho, a mountainous region where crystal clear waters draw paths along its way, creating unique corners of natural lagoons and waterfalls.

In this memorable and unforgettable tour, you can still taste the local gastronomy and in the end you will take with you this idyllic landscape where "nature has a soul".


  • Waterfall of Fecha de Barjas (Thaiti)
  • Toco River Lagoons
  • Waterfall of Arado
  • Pedra Bela Viewpoint
  • Village of Geres
  • Walk through the Roman Geira (Approx. 9km moderate degree)
  • Transportation
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off at the hotel
  • Bottled natural mineral water
  • Compulsory insurance by lawCompulsory insurance by law
  • Mountain guide
  • .


Passing through:

  • Local commerce

Not included:

  • Lunch
  • Other visits
  • Personal expenses

Additional information:

  • Pick-Up Time: Approx. 8:30 a.m.
  • Drop-Off Time: Approx. 7:00 p.m.



The most suitable walk for each one is a choice that in a conscious way is entirely exclusive to the Customer. The scale of difficulty levels presented is merely indicative, since it only aims to facilitate in a more conscious and adequate way the participation in the walk, respecting its psychological and physical-motor capacity.

Difficulty Level Scale



Walk open to all who are in good health and fit for walking. Suitable for beginners or children. Usually these walks do not have steep slopes, are not very distant and are practiced at a slow pace. Walk with several stops along the way.



A walk open to everyone, even if they do not have great physical activity, they are in good physical health and are accustomed to walking. The gaps are more pronounced and the distance to go is greater but the technical difficulty will be reduced. The average distance on these routes is 10 km and lasts for about 4 hours. Walk with several stops along the way.



For these walks it is necessary some previous physical activity of the participants. Participants should be in good physical shape. The type of terrain is more difficult in some areas, it usually has loose stones and they are more slippery and the slopes are in greater number. The distances to go are higher and the tax imposed higher. The technical equipment must be taken into account, in these routes a good mountain footwear is essential.

Very Demanding

Muito Exigente

It is recommended for people who exercise regularly. They are walks for people with good condition and physical stamina. In these routes the terrain is difficult with steep slopes and high altitudes. The distances to be traveled may be longer. Hiking lasting 1 or more days. Hiking Material is required.



Hiking for people with a lot of experience in pedestrian activities, with excellent condition and physical resistance to circumvent decisive points of the course. Hiking from 10 to 11 hours or more daily. Only those who are very accustomed to high mountain should participate, because the technical difficulties are significant, being obligatory the practice to resort to specific equipment and tools of walking to overcome obstacles.